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Inserting special characters + turning off zoom

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  • Inserting special characters + turning off zoom

    Hi my esteemed mates,

    I’m trying to insert the bullet symbol preceding text in FoxIt Reader (FREE version – Windows 7 – 32 bit) but it doesn’t copy and insert the bullet symbol.

    Ex. • ( Text which follows)

    When I copy and paste text into the document I just get text and no symbol (special character).

    Would you pls share a way to ensure that special characters (symbols) get inserted into a document in FoxIt Reader?

    I read a post from somewhere there was supposed to be an Insert Special Character icon which I don’t see in my version.

    Also, if I want to undo something like turning zooming off is there an easy way to do that? I wanted to zoom in and instead of easily using the task-bar zoom (shame on me!) I must have used Edit>Zoom so that tiny magnifying glass remains so I could never turn it off.

    Thank you so much!

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    yearn to learn

    May I suggest you to update to the latest version8.3.2 which you can insert bullet symbol ?

    In addition, you can use Previous view or Next view back to the last view to see if it helps.


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      Hi lyndi, Can you pls share the official site link to Foxit Reader version8.3.2?

      Will I lose any fucntiosn or features by updating from FREE version

      Thanks so much!


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        yearn to learn You could always download most current version of Foxit Reader from our official download center below:
        Compare with version 5.x of Foxit Reader,there are lots of new features in version 6,version 7 and version 8.
        For more details,please refer to the our Foxit Reader version history page below:


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          Hi Lisa,

          Thank you!


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            Hi Lyndi and Lisa,

            I downloaded and installed version 8.3.2.

            When I go into Typewriter, I do not see where you can ad symbols (e.g. a bullet symbol, etc.).

            Can you please share the precise steps I need to take to insert a special symbol?

            Thank you so much for all your kind help!


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              yearn to learn

              Please go to "Comment"->"Typewriter" then input some text, you'll then see a "Paragraph" group tools appears at the top, then choose the first icon "Bullets". Thank you.