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ADMX policy files - Needs more settings

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  • ADMX policy files - Needs more settings

    Is there any plans to add more options to the Policy ADMX files. It would be very useful to be able to set all (or at least a lot more) of the options of the preferences from a central location. I am constantly having to set things such as page size from letter to A4, Inches to Centimetres, page display to actual size etc. This cannot be done from the customisation tool or from the current ADMX files.
    It also seems like upgrading versions can cause some of these settings to be reset back to the defaults, which is frustrating,


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    Dear kwells´╝î

    Thanks for using Foxit Software.I hae submitted the suggestion"set all of the options of the preferences in GPO policy files"as a new feature to our related department's further reference with suggestion ID#MACPHANTOM-316.
    Normally,the GPO settings you have made would remain valid in minor update versions(eg:update from V8.0 to V8.3).