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  • PDFs are grey

    Hi. When I scan my own documents wih my scanner, all the documents are somehow grey. Also, when I print those, they come with grey background. Is it possible to correct this somehow with Foxit Reader ?

    Ohter documents, downloaded from the web, are OK.

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    Dear Andy,

    When you scan PDF file within our Foxit Reader,you may need to experiment with the lighter/darker setting in your scanner, please keep going lighter until you achieve a white background.
    To learn more about how to create scanned files without the grey background,we suggest you post question on your scanner forum or contact your scanner technical support directly.

    To delete the grey background in those existing scanned PDF files,you may choose to use our Foxit PhantomPDF by doing as follows:
    1: Download our Foxit PhantomPDF from our official download center below:
    It will give you 14 free trial days.
    2:Please open scanned PDF file with Foxit PhantomPDF,go to "Convert"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"OCR">"Current file",choose"Editable Text"this OCR mode,click"OK"button to OCR the file to make the texts in the PDF file to be editable.
    3:After the OCR process is finished,please go to "Edit"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Edit Object/Image",please single click on any area in existing page of the opened PDF file to make the greyed background to be selected,then press"Delete"key on your keyboard to delete the greyed background in exiting page.
    please use the same method to delete the greyed background in other pages.