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UAC Prompt When Launcing Foxit Reader - Win 10 - Reader 8.3

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  • UAC Prompt When Launcing Foxit Reader - Win 10 - Reader 8.3


    I have seen a lot of posts regarding this, however none of the fixes so far have helped us.

    We have recently deployed Foxit Reader to around 80 Windows 10 1511 (Education, x64) PCs, and setup the GPOs provided - the software is much smoother and nicer that Adobe so top marks there.

    However, one small annoyance is that we are still getting the UAC pop-up for non-administrative users when launching Foxit.

    I have tried the registry fix outlined here -
    As well as disabling any Foxit services and connectedPDF from GPO.

    Foxit Reader version is

    Any help or guidance on getting rid of the UAC pop-up would be greatly apprecaited.


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    GGooAla - We continue to struggle with this as well. All of our users are managed and not Admins on their machines so, this is causing issues for us as well. I'll watch this post in hopes of a reply from Foxit Support


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      Dear GGooAla,

      I apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.Please help to follow the instructions in the attached document"Set default for windows 8 and above OS(foxit reader).docx"
      to install your Foxit Reader as your system's default PDF viewer to see if it helps.
      Note: with the installation method in the attached document, your user might still receive the UAC prompt at the first launch of the Foxit Reader application, simply click on No to close the UAC prompt window and will not receive it any more.
      Attached Files


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        Hi Lisa_lee - thanks for your reply apologies for my delay in getting back to you. I only visit the site in questions every couple of weeks.

        We have deployed the software already as described in Method 1 and we still got the issues, however when deploying the same settings via GPO as per method 2 this resolved it (as you said, we still got the UAC on first launch).



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          Hi Lisa_lee - I'm hoping you can help further.

          I have come to deploy the reader at another site today, and we're having the same issue as before, however this time I have deployed it as explained in the document you attached as well as having tried the other two options in that document and we're still seeing the UAC prompt. Oddly Method 2 worked a charm elsewhere, but not here.

          Do you have any suggestions?



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            GGooAla Dear GGooAla,I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you .Firstly,we need to know your Foxit Reader working environment(such as windows7x64bit OS).
            Look forward to your reply.