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RMS Plugin Security Issue on Win8 and Win10

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  • RMS Plugin Security Issue on Win8 and Win10

    We discovered that the Foxit Reader RMS Plugin has a pretty big security issue when run on Windows 8/10 with IE. Documents that should be secured can easily be screen captured and saved. Has anyone else discovered this and do you have a solution?

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    Dear NLee123,

    Thanks for your post.This situation"Foxit Reader RMS plugin cannot block screen captures in browser with Internet Explorer" is known issue which has been reported in our internal
    bug tracking system with report ID#RMS-456. We have also reported this situation to Microsoft since this issue actually need to be rectified in IE web browser.
    For your current workaround,we suggest you disable viewing PDF in IE by doing as follows:
    1.Run Foxit reader
    2.Go to Edit>Preference>File Associations>Advanced
    3.Uncheck “Include browser when setting default PDF viewer”, click Ok.
    4.Click “Make Default PDF Viewer”, and click OK to finish it.


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      Thanks Lisa - So, were you going to inform your customers? This seems to be a serious flaw that could put confidential information at risk. Customers THINK that their files are protected when, in fact, THEY ARE NOT. If we had not found the bug ourselves, we would not have known - Foxit should have made us aware prior to purchasing licenses.


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        Dear NLee123,

        Thanks fo your reply and sorry again for the trouble our software causes to you. I will pass your feedback on to our related department to see if it is possible to post this problem to our knowledge base system for Foxit users to know this issue before this problem is rectified.


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          Lisa - It's been a month since your last reply. Has this issue been posted to the KB or made available on the Security Advisory page? Customers that rely on the RMS Plugin to safeguard intellectual property will want to know about this issue don't you think?


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            Dear NLee123,

            Currently,Foxit Reader and Foxit PhantomPDF are using Microsoft RMS SDK for implementing the screen prevention.It could prevent screen captures from many of commonly used screen capture tools.However,the screen captures can not be disabled in IE web browser which is a known technical limitation in Microsoft RMS SDK.
            Microsoft has started investigating this a while back but realized that it is not a simple fix due to some dependencies of Win32 API.For now,Microsoft still doesn't a solution for blocking screen captures in IE. Following is the KB article which describes this situation: