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  • Runtime Error

    Can anyone help me with the following runtime error please. It's possibly connected to the latest W10 update. Anyway I get the following 2 messages:

    Runtime Error (at 310:4266): Move File failed; code 5 Access Denied. OK?
    Setup was unable to create the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\foxit reader. OK?

    I might be imagining it, but it always seems to happen just after a Windows 10 update. When I go to open a .pdf document, I get the big blue E (Microsoft browser?) and my documents are opened in a web-page.

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    Hey, I don't need help after all. My brain suddenly engaged and I just downloaded Foxit reader again. Call it a senior moment when I called for help.


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      Dear Lorel6,Thanks for your post.For any further help,you could also send mail to Foxit technical support team directly:
      [email protected]


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        A runtime error is a program error that occurs while the program is running. The term is often used in contrast to other types of program errors, such as syntax errors and compile time errors. There are many different types of runtime errors. One example is a logic error, which produces the wrong output MyPrepaidCenter.
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