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Missing features on a drawing.

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  • Missing features on a drawing.

    I just printed a drawing on a large format printer and when I retrieved it I found that it was missing portions of the drawing. In this instance it was a section of a building that showed a ladder on the drawing and in the preview, but when I printed it the ladder wasn't there at all. There were also a few other items that were missing such has hatched in areas. What would cause this and how do I prevent it in the future. This could be extremely costly if your bidding a job off of drawings and parts aren't visible that you need to pick up.

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    Dear Sjm512,

    Thanks for your post.This situation you mentioned sounds like a printing problem peculiar to V8.3.1 which has already been rectified in V8.3.2 of Foxit Reader.
    Would you please help to update your Foxit Reader to latest version 8.3.2 to see if it helps? Please download the latest version of Foxit Reader from our official download center below:
    Foxit PDF software download and cloud service trial center. Free download PDF software for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android to view, convert & edit PDF files.


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      I just tried to update to 8.3.2 but it always hangs at the point where it says Foxit must be closed to uninstall the older version. Well closing the only open Foxit window closes the installer. What am I doing wrong?


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        I restarted my computer and for some reason that let the installer work normally this time. I'll see if this takes care of the original problem.


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          Well I was able to update Foxit to 8.3.2 after rebooting my computer but the original problem still exists. It's almost as if there is a later missing in the drawing, but everything shows up in the preview.


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            sjm512 Would you mind using 'Print as image' function as a temp resolution? We will work on the issue and keep you posted for any update.