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preferences/Page display/Default zoom does not work

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  • Bug preferences/Page display/Default zoom does not work

    I usually want pdf's to display as "fit width" setting on, but setting this default zoom doesn't work.
    I have version

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    Hi damogran,

    There are three factors affecting the page layout display:
    1) Initial View;
    2) "Restore last view settings when reopening" option;
    3) "Default Page Layout" option under "Preferences".

    The display priority order is 1>2>3. Reader will read the initial view properties first, if it contains the layout setting data, it will display according to the initial view properties in regardless of the Page layout setting under preferences. If the "Page layout" and "Magnification" are both set "Default", Phantom will read the "History" setting. The last is to read the 'Default Page Layout' setting under 'Preferences'. However, I've reported your comments as suggestion to our Reader PM team so they could consider to add an option to force page layout/zoom level. Suggestion ID#: READER-1114.


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      So how do I change the "Initial View" settings?

      I have the same problem as damogran. I already have my default page layout set to 'Single Page,' and the default zoom set to 'Fit Width.' EVERY time I close Foxit Reader, without exception, I will have manually changed the view settings to 'Single Page' and 'Fit Width.' But it opens each new PDF in 'Facing" mode, viewed at some magnification well less than "Fit Width." Which is annoying.

      Is there a way to cause Foxit Reader to open each new PDF to the view settings of the user's choice, and if so, how? What's the point of giving the user configurable "Page Display" settings if they're only to serve as the last resort instead of the default?
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