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Unable to specify booklet scaling

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  • Unable to specify booklet scaling

    When printing a booklet using the Booklet tab under Print Handling, there seems to be no option to specify the scaling of the booklet. Instead, scaling seems to be tied to the margin setting, which means it is impossible to print at anything smaller than exactly half the paper size without a giant space down the middle binding. I have a booklet with a page size of 4.6"x6.8" that I want to print on standard 8.5"x11", but there is no way to do so. Setting the margin to 0 properly aligns the opposite pages along the binding, but results in a scaling of 114.42%. Is there any way to print this booklet at exactly 100% (9.2"x6.8") with no margin in the binding? The Multiple Pages Per Sheet tab seems to have exactly the same behavior, with no way to set the scaling, only the margins, and you get stuck with whatever scaling it decides to give you for the margin size. I tried setting the scale setting in the Scale tab to None, or to 100%, but it seems that the settings there have no effect on the other tabs.

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    Dear qwertymodo ,

    For this situation you mentioned,I have submitted the suggestion"support to specify booklet scaling when print a 'booklet' or' multiple pages per sheet'"as a new feature to our
    internal feature system for our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-6456,so that it may be considered in future versions.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.