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    1. It occurs from any PDF document, not jut a specific one.
    2,3. YGTBK. Have you ever tried uploading an image or image file to this web forum? It demands an URL, even if I give it a JPG, let alone try to paste in the picture. It is a plain old Windows Dialog Box with the aforementioned text and an "OK" button.
    4. Win10 Pro. 64 bit.
    5. HP OfficeJet 4650. Yes, its drivers are spooged from a recent Windows Update, and HP's print debugger demands a remove/reinstall/reboot, which is not something (reboot!)I can do any old time.But the Brother printer works fine. I just can't get to it from FoxIt because the HP is the default.
    6. Yes, Word lets me bring up the print dialog and even pretend to print to the default HP. Nothing comes out of the HP with the driver problem, but if I switch to Brother, it prints.
    7. No. It's easy enough to describe. Go to FixIT's File page. Hit Print. The dialog box comes up right away. That's all.
    BTW, I just had about 10 tabs open in FoxIt and was editing comments (the box associated with a highlight) and the program crashed. Boom. You'd think this was Adobe or something unsable like that. And when it restarted, it DID have the properly saved document I had been editing, but the rest of the tabs were lost, even though I had set it to restore tabs on restart.Feh. I switched to FoxIt because AcroRead keeps getting less stable as it gets older.


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      fgoldstein ,
      Thanks for your reply with the requested information sent. I have send the issue "Got '"The current printing driver is not available. Please reinstall this printing driver or choose other printing drivers!"' instantly without opening Foxit print dialog box" to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-22299. In addition,we still need your help to send us the following information:
      1:Please send us the problematic HP printer driver model. To check your HP printer's driver model,please open the path "Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers",then choose the printer. Reference the attachment‘model.png’.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	model.png
Views:	728
Size:	87.0 KB
ID:	174972
      2:Please make a screenshot of your window 10 system information"Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\System Information".
      To make a screenshot, please press 'PrScrn SysrRq' on the keyboard, then go to 'Start'->'All Programs'->'Accessories'->'Paint'->press Ctrl V to paste and save.

      For the situation"the rest of the tabs were lost",do you mean that those last opened PDF file were not reopened automatically when you restart your Foxit Reader after the crash issue happened? If so,this situation is related to the "Restore last session when application starts" this feature's working mechanism.
      Currently,the file names and file locations of those existing opened PDF files which are opened in Foxit Reader will be stored into registry key(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 9.0\Preferences\History\LastSession) at the time when Foxit Reader is closed manually and normally.Foxit Reader were closed abnormally when the crash issue happened,so the file names and file locations of those opened PDF files were not written into into registry key,that is the reason why there is no file is opened automatically when you reopen your Foxit Reader.

      For this situation,I have submitted the suggestion"update the opened files’ records in registry key as soon as a new file is opened ,and delete the filename from registry key after the file is closed" to our product marketing team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-10180.If this new suggestion is implemented in future version,then Foxit Reader will be able to open lasted opened PDF files no matter how Foxit Reader was closed previously.

      For the crash issue happened when you comments were edited in Foxit Reader,please help to provide with us the following information for further investigation:
      1: Did this crash issue happen every time when you tried to edit comments in any PDF files or just one specific PDF file? Please send us one PDF file sample in which the issue occurred?
      2:Will this issue be replicated again or it is just an occasional issue?
      3:Please send us the crashlog.txt and crash.dmp files which are located under the following location:
      "C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader"

      Look forward to your reply.


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        Hello all,

        I had the same issue, and I think this is what happened: Windows set the default printer (system-wide) to be one on a network that I wasn't connected to. That is, I have a printer, call it printerX, which is on my office network. Windows set the default printer to be printerX. When I am at home (and not in my office network) and I click the print button in Foxit Reader, it tries to print on printerX, but printerX is not available at home, and hence the 'current printing driver is not available' error is displayed.
        How to fix: Change the default printer.
        My fix is to tell Windows to not set printerX to be the default printer. In particular, go to Windows 10 Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> UN-check 'Let Windows manage my default printer'. Further, I also clicked on the printer 'Microsoft Print to PDF' -> Manage -> Set as Default. So Microsoft Print to PDF is now my default printer, and it is always available. Now I never get the error 'current printing driver is not available'.

        I'm posting the same answer on three similar threads on this forum:

        I hope this helps


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          cmtappu96 ,It's very kind of you to write to inform us the cause of the printing issue on your part and the workaround. We will forward the information you sent to other users who encounter with the same issue in the future to see if it also works for other users.