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Linux fox it reader - security concern

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  • Linux fox it reader - security concern


    I have been using foxit reader for Linux version in Mint 18.3 (64bits) and I have a security concerning question.

    When I read a PDF document with foxit reader, it pops up a message box that says "Someone added online comments on this file, do you want to join?"

    Can some please advise me why fox it reader surreptitiously makes known my document to the online community (whoever they may be) allowing them to read it without my consent? Clearly this is a breach of privacy. There is not opt-in and opt-out facility.

    What can I do to rectify this? I am going to install it to avoid broken privacy from foxit reader.


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    Sorry, according to the message, the pdf file have been started the feature Online Comments Board, are you the only person who has the pdf file? Did you start the feature accidentally? Did you share or send the file to others?
    In addition, for further investigation, please do as the following;
    1. When you get the message"Someone added online comments on this file, do you want to join?", please click on Join to join the online comments, navigate to ConnectedPDF as the attached screenshot, check that who is commenting on your file.
    2. To check if the file is uploaded to our sever, please go to the website '", sign in with your account, go to Documents>My uploaded Documents,>Discussed Document, you can delete it if it is uploaded.