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Newest Version still cannot resize to 11x17 Tabloid paper

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  • Newest Version still cannot resize to 11x17 Tabloid paper

    Ever since ver 5.x, Foxit Reader has not been able to take 24"x36" architectural drawings and print using the Reduce to Printer Margins setting to a Xerox Workcenter printer Using the WHQP Global Xerox Printer Drivers.

    When you choose the 11 x 17" paper size from the printer properties, Foxit says in the Print Preview screen Document: 24.0 x 36.0 inch Paper: 12.6 x 17.7 inch WTF?

    We have worked several open tickets with Foxit Support and tried 4 different versions of Foxit since ver. 5.0 May of 2012 with well over 4-5 hours of my time trying to come up with a solution for our users.

    Has anyone experinced a similair probelm and how do you resolve it?

    BTW - How can you search this forum?

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    I am bumping this because I am having the same problem. I have both Adobe and Foxit installed. In Adobe Reader, I can easily print a "D" size (34"x22") to a "B" size (11"x17") just by selecting the paper size in File/Print/Page setup. I cannot do this in Foxit even though I have clicked on File/Print/Properties (Xerox printer) and manually set the paper size - the closest I can get is choosing "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size" and "Fit to Printer Margins". Foxit then changes the paper size to 12x19 (the printer has no such paper size) and then I get an error at the printer. Any work a rounds or suggestions??


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      Same thing here. Lots of problems with version 5.x so were still running 4.3.1. Paper size is an issue with all versions we've tried, and we are unable to print legal size. I've been through all the steps that Robotman outlined and still no luck.

      We print pdfs unattended via a daemon process which sends the pdfs to a network printer. The 11x14 documents show 11x14 as the paper size in the document properties, and Foxit is set to "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size"...but it prints letter size, centered on the page (truncating top and bottom).

      Oh, and the search box is top right.


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        I am having a similar issue printing to 11x17. The print dialog screen always seem to default to A3 size paper (16.5" x 11.7"). No A3 paper in the printer.

        Was having the same issue in Reader and hoped it would go away when we upgraded to Phantom, but it did not. (Didn't realize I was in the Reader forum when I posted this)

        Kind of alarming to see that this has been around for so long and still not resolved.


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          Hi Calm,

          Please set both Output paper size and Original document size 11x17 and see if it helps. If the issue persists, please make a screenshot of the print dialog, your printer info, Reader version info and your OS info. Thank you.


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            Sadly, in version 7.3 this is still an issue and a deal breaker for me recommending our company use this product.

            You should be able to print seamlessly to any page size, regardless of original document size, simply by choosing "fit to printer margins" or "Reduce to printer margins" and choosing the output page size in the printer properties. Otherwise the operation becomes to cumbersome to make the program of any use.

            Also, choosing "Choose paper source by PDF page size" should choose the output paper size based on the document size without the need to choose output page size.


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              Could you please kindly send us the info that listed in my last email so we could better know the issue you encountered and advise? Thank you.