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Foxit Reader Updater not working

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  • Foxit Reader Updater not working

    I've noticed on 2 different computers over the last 4 days - both clean formats of Windows 7 64-bit - that the Foxit Reader Updater function no longer works. I tried the Updater on my 32-bit version of W7 today before posting this - using the latest version of Foxit Reader I installed a couple of days' ago - and it also can't find updates. Last week I had no problem. The Updater launches, the progress bar gets to about 75%, and then it just sits there. There is no error message. I tried letting the updater "sit" like that for 15 minutes, but nothing changed. When I clicked Cancel, the Updater just quit, Foxit Reader seemed unaffected.

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    Update is not working for me, either. I just uninstalled my old Foxit Reader and installed version Tried to update, and...just like with IslandBoy77, the updater launches...gets to about 3/4 done...and then freezes. I even tried uninstalling and than re-installing. Same thing...update launches and then freezes.


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      Updater for is working fine for me


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        Well, it's still broken for me most of the time. I install Foxit on many customer computers, and I find the updater works maybe 10% of the time. There is no sign as to why the problem occurs. I just tried looking for updates again on my W7 32-bit PC, and it didn't work. Was ok last week, not today. Tried updating on a customer's W7 64-bit PC, same deal: no update. This is a ridiculous state of affairs, and is clearly a Foxit server problem... >


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          Hi Peter and all,

          I've forwarded your comments to Reader QA team for further investigation. Report ID#: 53606. Thank you.