It appears that on certain page layouts, such as Ledger, the printer 'swaps' portrait/landscape when actually printing. It appears to also do the same thing on any page size that has 'portrait' where the page is wider than it is tall.

The page margins themselves seem to be the standard, and not the 'swapped' dimensions. So if a program relies on the page margins to print content, it prints outside the page boundary. Though it appears with just text it is 'fine', in that it doesn't print outside the page boundaries. At least as far as I can tell. But it suffers from the page layout being 'swapped'.

So printing Ledger in 'landscape', it prints what Ledger would be in 'portrait'. The preview however, shows what it should be, though.

I'm using, which I think is the most recent version. I'm not sure if the printer is out of date, but I presume it is 'attached' to the Reader itself.