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Drop-down field custom entry bug in XFA form (started happening in v9.0.1)

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  • Bug Drop-down field custom entry bug in XFA form (started happening in v9.0.1)

    XFA dynamic forms I created in LiveCycle Designer ES4 suddenly have an issue with the drop-down fields not working properly in Foxit Reader v9.0.1

    In particular, any drop-down fields that allow custom text entry are behaving as such:

    If the list contains "Apples, Bananas, Carrots, Pears" then anytime you type a letter that is the first letter of any of the list items (like A,B,C, or P) the text you've written gets cleared away and replaced only with that letter you just typed.

    Example: you want to type "grapefruit" can type "g...r..." but then once you type "a" it clears away the text and only the "a" is left. Same with any of the other first letters in the list. It happens consistently across multiple Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines all with v9.0.1.

    In v8.3 the issue was not present. I've tested and replicated this with a brand new form that only has a drop-down as mentioned above. It happens only with XFA dynamic forms; XFA static forms and Adobe AcroForms do not have this issue in v9.0.1. Turning off Autocomplete in the Forms section of the Preferences does not help the issue.

    Attached is the example file or just in case here is a link:

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
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    HVHIT ,I apologize for the inconvenience.This issue"XML form - Dropdown fields that allow custom entries behave incorrectly (clear away text)"could be replicated
    on our part too and it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-9267.We will keep you informed for any updates about it or you may also write back to us with this report ID#QCPHANTOM-9267 to track its processing status.


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      Hi again,

      I've seen a few Foxit Reader updates come through and have used them all but this issue still occurs even in the latest 9.4 version. We still have trouble being able to type custom text into a dropdown field. It always clears away the text that you are writing if any of the dropdown items start with the letter you just typed. Is there any update on this please?


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        HVHIT ,I am extremely sorry that the issue you reported in this thread really hasn't been fixed yet. I will remind both of our QA team and Dev team to work on this issue agian and keep you informed for any new progress about this issue.