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Very slow file open from NAS server

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  • Bug Very slow file open from NAS server

    I have a issue with file opening from NAS server.
    Sometimes files from NAS open very long. Sometimes Foxit freeze, so Windows show a message that application does not respond.
    Sometmes foxit crash in this situation.
    Are any of You experience such behaviour?
    I need to add that when opening file from HDD, this issue does not happen.

    My Foxit Reader Version:

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    ​​​​​​​Sorry for the trouble. Please help to provide us with the following info for further investigation;
    1. Your system info, like win7 32bit and the model info of NAS server.
    2. Does it happen to any pdf files in NAS server? If it just happens to some specific files, please send us a sample file in question and its saving path for internal test.
    3. The crashlog.txt and CRASH.DMP files you can find under the directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader.
    4. Please open Foxit Reader first, then try to open file from NAS server to see if it happens.
    5. Do you get the same issue with other format files?Like MS Word?


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      Thank you lyndi_wu for response. Let me provide some feedback for this case:
      1. My system is win10, NAS is Linksys NAS200-EU
      2. It happens randomly: sometimes files open without any problem, sometimes it takes a while to open. Does not matter which file is it.
      3. I will analyse a crash files.
      4. This issue does not matter if Foxit reader is opened first or not.
      5. No, I do not experienced the same issue with other file. Only with PDF and foxit reader.

      I checked if this issue happened with Acrobat Reader, but no, there is not issue at all.
      However I like Foxit Reader more, so I would like to fix this issue than switching into other pdf reader.

      I would be grateful for any feedback.


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        Thank you for the info, before reporting it to our team for further testing, we need to double check below info with you, thank you.
        1. Is the NAS connected to the router? Or it is not connected to the router, it is just a physical hard drives connected to your computer?
        2. How did you open the pdf files that saved in the NAS, by double clicking on it?
        3. Please help to send us the crashlog.txt and CRASH.DMP files.
        4. Please use the LiceCap tool to generate an animated gif that shows how to reproduce the problem for our referencing.
        Here's the download link:
        (Unzip it, double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)


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          Let me reply for your questions:
          1. NAS is connected to the router.
          2. I open pdf files by double click on it.
          3. I am not allowed to attach a .DMP file here. I am not sure why.
          Attached Files


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            Could you please help to send us the crash log and .DMP file to, thank you.


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              A friend of mine has the same problem, but i don't why?


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                Originally posted by svejorange View Post
                A friend of mine has the same problem, but i don't why?
                Please help to disable two settings and check if it makes any difference on your friends machine.
                1 Uncheck the option 'Show start page' under File -- Preferences -- General.
                2 Check the option 'Disable Connected pdf features' under General.

                If it makes no difference, could you please provide us information mentioned above to debug the issue? In latest update, we add a debug mode to generate logs. Please make sure you are using latest version and enable the debug mode by checking the option 'Launch in debug mode' and then replicate the issue and send us the logs under folder:
                "C:\Users[current username]\AppData\Local\Foxit PhantomPDF" and package the whole "glog" folder and send it to us.