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    Good morning everyone, I use foxit reader for almost a year and I never had any problems but the latest update, 6.1.1, I do not want to know to work ... Unfortunately, the report does not make me even crash, so I do not know exactly how to solve, I forgot to tell you that the program is installed but when I launch it, it crashes. Some help on this?

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    Hi Nebrok,

    Sorry for the problem. Our development team are investigating it. You may uninstall Clouding from 'Control Panel'->'Add/Remove Programs' then see if you can launch the document fine.


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      My latest update from Foxit has been crashing repeatedly over the last two weeks. It keeps notifying me that it is going to crash, then it crashes, then it asks if I want to send a message to the Foxit website, I allow that, then I have to reopen the program. Today it crashed so often, I could not finish reading a page in a book. I have uninstalled the latest update and reinstalled Foxit 5.0 from an "old apps" website.

      Don't know what the problem is. I am running Foxit on an old Windows XP2 desktop computer and on a Windows 7 laptop. Did not see any "Clouding" on my Control Panel before I uninstalled the latest update, but I was not looking for that program. Foxit 5.0 appears to be working fine, and all other computer programs are working fine.

      Please send us an email when you find out what the problem is and I will reinstall the latest version. Thank you for this wonderful program. I am hoping that it can be fixed. Not eager to go back to Abode Acrobat Reader!


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        Hi binarystar,

        Sorry for the problem. Could you please write an email to [email protected], attention Cherry for further processing? Thank you.