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How to Disable Scrolling by Mouse Middle Button

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  • How to Disable Scrolling by Mouse Middle Button


    I would like to disable page scrolling by pressing mouse middle button in Foxit Reader, as I assign this button for other function (Dictionary search by Lingoes). Lingoes is a pop-up dictionary application that captures texts in any window and does dictionary search. Most other applications (such as Firefox) have ways to disable scrolling by mouse middle button, but I could not find it in Foxit Reader. Whenever I do dictionary search in Foxit Reader window with Lingoes, the PDF page starts to scroll unintentionally. Could Foxit development team tell me how I can work around this issue?

    Thanks in advance,
    ceo 76hype

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    I am afraid it can not be disabled with Foxit Reader, and I have reported it as feedback to our PM team for future evaluation, feedback ID:PHANTOM-11103, hope it will be considered in future.


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      Quick update: Version 12.1 will include the option "Disable/Enable middle mouse button to auto scroll​". If you're intersted in testing out this feature, you may submit a ticket ( to Foxit Support Center to request for a download of internal version 12.1 and give it go. Thank you.​