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Slow application startup performance - Foxit Enterprise Reader

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  • Slow application startup performance - Foxit Enterprise Reader

    We're currently using Foxit Reader Version 3.0 Build 1817 as a lightweight PDF viewing application in a Citrix XenApp environment on Windows Server 2003 R2. As this rather old version shows problems viewing certain forms and other issues we're evaluating the update to Foxit Enterprise Reader Version Application start with the new version is inacceptable slow though. While the old version starts instantly, the new version takes 15 - 20 seconds or even more (just the pure application, not even opening a pdf-file yet!) on an equal server - same hardware and software besides the Foxit Reader version. I'm using the ADM template to configure the new version of the application, but till now I've just defined a basic set of policies for Foxit Reader.

    Does anybody notice the same behavior? Is there any possibility to enhance the startup process speed or to identify the reason for this behavior?

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    Hi agreven,

    Please open Foxit Reader->go under 'File'->'Preferences'->'General'->to check your Application Startup setting.