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Find text (Search) is not working properly

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  • cherry
    Hi Guys,

    In Foxit Reader 6.0, there did exist this issue. But it has been fixed in Foxit Reader 6.1. Could you please kindly update your Foxit Reader and give it a try? Thank you.

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  • cantfindtext
    Hi, I like Foxit reader very much but I can't use it without a working search feature.​ Please fix this as soon as you can, this issue has forced me to use another pdf reader instead of Foxit

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  • EmmaStott
    I'm also experiencing this problem. Whenever I have the view set to Facing or Continous Facing, I'm unable to search properly exactly as described at CienTi.

    Foxit has been my PDF viewer of choice for a long time and I'd like to continue using it. Please look into this.

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  • CieNTi
    started a topic Find text (Search) is not working properly

    Find text (Search) is not working properly

    Good afternoon and hello everybody,

    I'm using Foxit reader from about 9 months ago, exceptional reader for me but as soon as I need to search for something ... is a nightmare.

    When I introduce the text (or word) I need to search, foxit finds first or second results, maybe the third but it stop no matter if I press F3, Enter or click with the mouse, simply do nothing. No messages like "reached bottom of document" or "no more results" or ... I really don't know what foxit says when there is no more results because I never can find more than 2 or 3 occurences.

    As example, one of this documents is the one linked with this post (ADE7880 datasheet). If I try to search, as example, "AWATT" I can find the first 2 occurences (related with AWATTOS) but it stop there. I know more results but as example, the definition of AWATT is on Page 86 (I cannot reach there by the search function ... I know it because I read that document entirely).

    This happen to me all the times with all the documents.

    I suppose is not important, but the way I use foxit is "continuous facing" viewing with "fit width" zoom and hand cursor.

    Do someone knows about this or knows how to fix it? I really need to search in long documents.

    Almost forgot, if I open it with AdobeReader or directly from Google Chrome (no plugins) I can search without any problem.

    Please, I love foxit reader and want to use it ... but I need to search too.

    Thanks in advance,