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PDF Combining removed in 6.1

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  • Feature PDF Combining removed in 6.1

    In you could combine two or more PDF files by opening the first, then showing the thumbnails pane and dragging the PDF file you wanted to add over from File Explorer and dropping it after the appropriate page thumbnail where you wanted it to go.

    This appears to have been removed from 6.1. Was this deliberate, or is it a bug?

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    Bump! --- Anyone have updates on this? Is it a bug?


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      from reading the posts in the forum, a lot of people had various issues/problems with "foxit PDF reader build" when it was first released..

      however, one poster, in the forum, said that a new installer-file had been released, and that, after using it to install the foxit reader program, all of the problems were gone:

      I've been using Foxit Reader for a while and really like it. However, today it is crashing. I tried to open a file and a box came up saying apologies, but

      so my advice is to try uninstalling the foxit reader program, then to download the new installer from the foxit website (to be sure that you get the new installer) and re-install the program, using the new installer, and see if that resolves of the problems that you have been having with the program..

      the first version of the installer for the foxit PDF reader build that was released had a digital timestamp of 10/31/2013.. the new version, which, unfortunately, has the same build number is timestamped 11/13/2013 (i think that is right)..

      another option is to simply uninstall build and to go back to using the previous version, build

      when i saw that everyone was saying that they were having nothing but problems with the new version, build, i decided to just stick with build, for the time being..

      if you are wanting to download the old version and you are not able to download it from the foxit website, you can download it from "filehippo", but don't try to download the new version from "filehippo" because they still have the buggy version that was first released, not the newer installer which is said not to have the same bugs..


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        try uninstalling foxit reader, then downloading the installer for the program from the foxit website, and reinstalling the program.. apparently, when the installer was first released, there were bugs in it.. now there is a new installer available, though it has the same build number.. the first one was timestamped 10/31/2013.. the new one is timestamped 11/13/2013 (i think)..

        if that doesn't resolve the problems that you are having, you can uninstall the new version and then install the previous one, build


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          Nope, didn't work. I ended up installing the old build again ( I'll hold off the new version until it gets addressed. Toodles.


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            Hi Jtturbo,

            The drag and drop pages from File Explorer feature is not included in Foxit Reader, but Foxit PhantomPDF.