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That annoying Windows Service ....

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  • Lisa_lee
    TichondriusGirl ,Thanks for using Foxit Reader.We have changed the the ConnectedPDF service(FoxitReaderService) from a service into a normal process since V9.2.
    So you just need to install our latest version of Foxit Reader 9.3 to get around the situation you mentioned.Please download the latest version Foxit Reader 9.3 from the link below´╝Ü

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  • TichondriusGirl
    started a topic That annoying Windows Service ....

    That annoying Windows Service ....


    Please ... for the love of all that is holy ......

    STOP. (RE)ADDING THE FOXIT SERVICE to Run Automatically every time Foxit Reader is started.

    I only occasionally need to view a PDF; I don't need the service running in the background eating up cpu 100% of the time. Every time I set it to disabled or manual and then start Foxit, it gets re-added to run automatically. Have some consideration for your users.

    I was forced to actually Uninstall the service: sc delete FoxitReaderService