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Left and Right Arrow Keys Must be Reassigned to Scroll, Pan Left & Right - Foxit 9.3

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  • Bug Left and Right Arrow Keys Must be Reassigned to Scroll, Pan Left & Right - Foxit 9.3

    I noticed that this topic has been raised in previous threads. I am bringing it up again because it is such a basic requirement for a text editor or reader. When the page is in zoom in mode there are areas of the page on the left and right that are not visible in the viewing area. You need a keyboard key that scrolls or pans to those left and right side areas.

    The default functionality of the Left and Right arrow keys in every text editor or reader on the planet is to slide the (zoomed) page left or right. Foxit, however, assigns the Left and Right arrow keys to advance to the next or previous page of the document. Right now (v9.3), there does not seem to be (I can't find it) any keyboard key or combination of keys that will perform this behavior.

    There are TWO SOLUTIONS to this problem that I can think of.

    1a. Change Default behavior.
    Assign the Keyboard Right Arrow key > Scroll Right (Pan Right) (the text moves left so you can see what was off screen on the right)
    Assign the Keyboard Left Arrow key > Scroll Left (Pan Left) (the text moves right so you can see what was off screen on the left)

    1b. Replace Previous Behavior with Alternative
    Assign the Keyboard combination, CTRL+ARROW LEFT > Advance to previous page
    Assign the Keyboard combination, CTRL+ARROW RIGHT > Advance to next page

    2. Allow Custom Reassignment
    Provide a way to CUSTOMIZE the BEHAVIOR of the Left and Right Arrow keys to scroll left or right. ( Without use of CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, etc. )
    Show this behavior in the options editor that allows you to modify keyboard shortcuts - Customize Toolbar Ribbon > Keyboard (tab).
    The current behavior is designated in the Ribbon under: View > Go To > Arrow Keys.

    There doesn't appear to be any way to reassign the BEHAVIOR of the Arrow keys, or to remove the current behavior.
    Last edited by Jerry; 10-10-2018, 10:00 PM.

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded them to our PM team for further investigation, they will consider it in future version. ID#PHANTOM-4653


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      I think changing Default Behaviour is a good option. I like first one.


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        I've updated your comment to Report ID#PHANTOM-4653 for PM engineer's processing reference. Thank you.


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          As per ver. 9.7.0 keyboard-PAN in zoomed view are done with Shift+Arrows, as Jerry also write, this should be Ctrl-Arrows as this is the Standard and expected key-combination, in my view, please consider ;-)


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            The keyboard-Pan in zoomed view by using Shift+Arrows are consistent with it is when using other PDF software. (E.g. Adobe Reader and X-Change Viewer and many others.) Could you please let us know why you'd prefer Ctrl+Arrows and give us some examples so we could better forward your request for processing? Thank you.


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              I guess it's just my view and experience, but of course it's debatable as their are really no right or wrong by a strict international standard.
              One could argue that SHIFT together with ARROW-keys are usually used to select multiple objects and therefore not an obvious choice when you want to NOT multi-select something, as panning is, and therefore you would expect to use CTRL.
              But if Adobe Reader chose SHIFT (not that they know what they are doing) I understand you choice.
              As CTRL+ARROW don't seem to be assigned to anything, perhaps both SHIFT+ARROW and CTRL+ARROW to be set to do panning.


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                Thanks for your update. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to Report ID#PHANTOM-4653 to our Product team's processing so they could consider to add an option to be able to customized the zoomed in panning shortcut. Thank you.