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How to uncheck "Configure scanner using scanner interface" option

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  • How to uncheck "Configure scanner using scanner interface" option

    Hey guys, newb here.

    We have a client that we recently upgraded her workstation to and she has an issue with the FoxIT Reader 9.3 GUI when she selects the "Create from scanner" option.

    Client is using a using Fujitsu FI-6670DJ scanner

    When installing her new workstation we did install two types of drivers for the Fuji scanner (one was TWAIN and the other is the ISIS).

    She is telling us before the upgrade that when choosing the "create from scanner" option, she would just get the main interface/options menu, adjust the settings she needed, click scan and that would be it. Now she gets the main interface, but after clicking "Scan" gets a secondary options menu asking what type of document is being scanned.

    We would like to find out what we can do to uncheck the "Configure scanner using scanner interface" box. That checkbox is currently grayed out and we are unable to find an option in the settings/preferences.

    We are wondering if the dual driver for the scanner is the culprit and which driver we should be using--either the TWAIN or ISIS drivers?

    Thank you for all of your help. If we can provide more info, we will try to.

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    If the option "Configure scanner using scanner interface" is checked and grayed out, it mean that Foxit does not support the current scanner driver, but it should be working with TWAIN´╝îplease try the twain driver.