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Installation File Continually Flagged Malicious by AntiVirus

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  • cherry
    Hi YLX,

    Thanks for the info. This issue has been fixed. You may give it a check at your convenience. Thank you again.

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  • Installation File Continually Flagged Malicious by AntiVirus

    As above by Bitdefender. About 2 weeks plus ago the issue has already been raised to Bitdefender when installation was interrupted and halted. Today when I tried again, the moment I execute the instllation file downloaded from Foxit website Bitdefender immediately halted the process without even running! Either it's really a false positive from them or there is really something has gone terribly wrong with Foxit's server. And when I search for Foxit's forum page just now through Bing - the heading that I got was: "Forums - Foxit Corporation Forums - Hacked byD3Xz!" The domain is correct (pls refer to attached screenshot).