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What's with the arbitrary zoom levels?

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    A long time Foxit reader user, driven to dispair by one particularly stupid change that has been made. What is the logic behind the zoom controls? On Word, it defaults to 100%. If I click - or + it changes in 10% increments. Great, completely intuitive.

    On Foxit now, I'm on 127.20% (!) and its too small, so I click + zoom and it goes to 161.20%. Still a little small on my screen so click + again and now its 195.20%. I click a third time and it goes to 440%... wtf? Who came up with this and why? I've been putting up with this for months in the hope that it made some sense eventually, but I'm still as confused as when this was first implemented. I've given up on the - and + options entirely as they seem too crude and largely random, instead I fiddle about with the tiny zoom bar, trying to find the sweet spot. This is made needlessly difficult as well, as all the useful sizes (ie 100% +/- 80) are given a tiny part of the bar, so that we can zoom up to 5600%, which I'm sure is a level that is regularly used by many people...

    Is there a way of dumping this idiocy and returning to something user friendly like you used to have?
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    Hi murrayg,

    The zoom rate has been specified in Foxit Reader: 8.33%, 12.5%, 25%, 33.33%, 50%, 66.67%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 400%, 800%...(You may also click on the drop down arrow next to the zoom bar at the bottom right corner to check.) That's why the zoom rate seemed to be changed randomly when you press Ctrl +/-.

    I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to Reader PM so we may consider to add an option for users to set a fixed increments when using the shortcut Ctrl +/-. Suggestion ID#: READER-1829.


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      Still stuck with this nonsense sadly. The controls on Reader are a strange combination of too crude (if you just click the + or -) or too fine (if you try and use the tiny horizontal bar). Please, just do what Word does, or Firefox for that matter, in fact any other text software I can think of. Reader actually makes it easier to increase the text size by 5600% than it is by 10%.....


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        Hi murrayg,

        Added your comments to Suggestion#READER-1829 as well. FYI: This feature has been added to the to-do list of Reader 7.1.