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Not all PDFs are displaying as Fit View.

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  • Not all PDFs are displaying as Fit View.

    In Preferences, I have set to as default the Zoom Settings to Fit View in both Accessibility and Page Display. In Page Display I have checked Forbid the change of the current Zoom factor during execution of 'Go to Destination' actions (these actions can be launched from bookmarks)
    Some PDFs are opening as Fit Width. Why? Here's an example of PDF:!9B5RVKhQ!eaGp2DMs5...32hVod8bGjsGj8

    How do I get Permission to upload attachments?
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    Advice Pro

    I went to File > Preferences > Accessibility >Override Page Display >check "Always use Zoom Setting" "Fit Visible", then I open the PDF document you provided and the PDF document could be opened at Fit Visible by default. Could you please open your Foxit Reader then go to Help > About Foxit Reader to check the version number? If it is not the most current version 9.3.0, please update to it then make the same setting as I did and see if it work on your side. Thank you.


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      I did to have that setting enabled. I am using the current version of Reader. I looked at opening the PDF again and this is what's actually happening:

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      How do I get Permission to upload attachments?


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        Advice Pro ,The issue you mentioned should be a known issues in v9.2 and V9.3(Report ID#QCPHANTOM-11121) which has already been rectified in V9.4 of Foxit Reader. So please help to install our latest version 9.4.1 of Foxit Reader and then give it a try again.Following is link for downloading Foxit Reader 9.4.1:

        And we need to know that what kind of attachment you tried to upload on forum and what happened when you tried to uploaded it?