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PDF Previewer - Retention of Zoom Settings?

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  • amanda_liang
    darthur Thanks for your feedback, this issue has been reported to our QA team for analysis by ID#PHANTOM-3552. We will inform you once get any updates. thanks

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  • darthur
    started a topic PDF Previewer - Retention of Zoom Settings?

    PDF Previewer - Retention of Zoom Settings?

    Hi All,
    Several of our clients use foxit as their default pdf viewer. Our software integrates with PDF viewers that support the windows integrated previewing to show pdfs that have been scanned into the system. Part of the way they use is this to have a list of documents and click "next" to look through the documents.
    One frustrating thing with foxit preview is that while it provides a good zoom ability in the previewer it does not remember the previous zoom setting - and often the "fit to width" is not really how they want to look at the document.
    PDF-XChange does remember between documents and also between software restart .. but I think foxit is a better viewer!
    Is there some hidden function/registry key or interface into the com object to do this? is it a function that might be considered?
    Dave A