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Unhelpful message when trying to install or check for updates

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    I just receive the notification that updates were ready to install. When I clicked on the notification, it disappeared. I clicked on Check for Update under About Foxit Reader, on Check for Updates, on Install Update. Each time I got the dreaded Foxit Reader has already been in auto update mode... message. The message ends with Please install updates according to the tips. There are no tips to be found. Every time this happens, I spend way too much time trying to get updates installed. Per the response dated 04/15/2019, "The update process is not perfect enough and we have reported it to our PM team, hope it will be improved in future release." This has been an ongoing issue for a number of years, not just something that started recently. It's been an issue for as long as I can remember. I tried to learn the most current version on the website to no avail. Please get this fixed.


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      Sorry for the trouble. We just improved Foxit updater in version10.1, so you may get the improvement in the next version, please help keep an eye on a newer version update, for example version10.2. Thanks.