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  • Problems with printing ...

    Hi all together,
    I have a problem with printing ... All letters are mirrored ... as you can see at the screenshot. I printed other files and I did not have taht problem ....
    Thx 4 help.

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    Joschiduck sorry for the inconvenience. May I know which version of Foxit reader installed? It is an known issue and being analysis by QA team. For now, there is a temporary solution: please check "print as image" in Print dialog box, then the file will shows correctly after print. please have a try. thanks


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      I am also facing the same issue Kindly please help me. I had set "print as image" but no use

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        Sorry for the problem. Could you please provide the following info so we could take a closer look at the problem?
        ​1) Version info of your Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF. Please check it by going to "Help"->"About Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF...";
        2)Did it occur to any PDF document or just specific one? Please send us one for testing purpose;
        3) If possible, an image that showing how it was printed incorrectly.
        4) Please go under "File"->"Print" then make a screenshot of the print dialog. (To make a screenshot, please press "PrScrn SysRq" on the keyboard, then paste it into Word/Paint and save.)
        5) Your OS type info. (E.g. Win 10, 64-bit)
        6) Your printer info. Did this issue happen to all printers or just one specific printer that you have selected?

        Thank you.


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          I would like to inform same thing is happening with my install. It happened with update from maybe 2 months ago and I couldn't fix it so I just uninstalled it.

          I just reinstalled and it's still happening.

          Foxit Reader Version
          It happens with every PDF print
          OS - Win10 64-bit Version 1809 OS Build 17763.253
          I only have one printer but I tried Foxit Reader PDF Printer and saved as another PDF file and it does same thing where the letters are all mirrored.


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            Hello All,I apologize for the trouble caused by our Foxit Software.There are other users who also have reported the similar printing issue to us and we have already submitted it to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-15033. However,it is better if you could also provide with us the PDF file to be printed,so that we will further investigation on the issue based on your PDF file.


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              I may have found a solution.

              I went into Advanced at the bottom of the print dialog, checked Use PCL Driver for PCL Printers, and added everything including my normal printer.


              After that, my PDF printed like it should. It also worked with Print As Image but the print quality is much lower with washed out black and lines getting all jagged.

              Try PCL driver option to see if that will fix your PDF print problem. If not use Print As Image as a last resort.

              P.S. I couldn't upload any PDF or JPG files because "You are not authorized to create or remove attachments."



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                I have the same problem, Switching to use PCL dirvers does not help for me as instead of mirrored output we get a couple of lines of garbage followed by a blank page.
                The issue is for all pdfs we have tried.
                The issue is the same with multiple makes and models of printer.
                Foxit Reader
                OS type info. (E.g. Win 7 Professional, 64-bit
                Sample document. Prints fine using an alternative pdf reader.
                Attached Files


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                  I am also facing the same issue. Kindly please help me. I had set "print as image" but no use