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Help - How to fix "format Error: not a PDF or corrupted"

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  • Marc
    commented on 's reply
    I also unistalled Foxit, then re-installed it with no avail. I can open saved pdf's just fine, but unable to open links to online pdf's.

  • Marc
    The same thing is happening to me too. I updated Foxit, but that did not fix the problem. I thought it might be a Foxit problem, but went to another computer and Foxit opened the file without a problem. I am using Windows XP with IE 8 and the second computer is a Windows 7 with IE 11. Any ideas?

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  • cherry
    Hi Davidmarch,

    The attachment may be delivered incompletely. Please check the size of the attachment with the sender and see if it is the same as the size of the attachment you received.

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  • clk4suport

    i will try to find out your solution.

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  • Help - How to fix "format Error: not a PDF or corrupted"

    How to fix "format Error: not a PDF or corrupted"

    Two days back, I have received an email with PDF file attachment. When I tried to open PDF file, it shows an error message which says: "format error: not a PDF or corrupted"

    I was surprised to see such error message and thought hope it was not a virus file as attached PDF. Immediately I have called to my friend who is expert in handling PDF file error matters. My friend suggested me it may not be virus file. It could be possible that PDF file got corrupted so he suggested me to open PDF file in foxit PDF reader which is an alternative of adobe reader then I install the foxit pdf reader, & try to open "corrupt" pdf files.

    When I tried to open it in foxit reader, again it shows same error message.

    Plz help me !