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Snapshot doesn't work in Mac

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  • Snapshot doesn't work in Mac

    good day. The tool snapshot doesn't work in macOS Mojave. The tool is in the menu TOOLS > SNAPSHOT. I try to select an area and COPY, but when I want to paste using EDIT > PASTE, is disable. Any idea?. Thanks.

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    Please just use the Hand tool to paste the selected area.


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      hi Lyndi_wu. I can't paste because the PASTE option is disable. Still happen in FOXIT for Mac version

      And now I can't use Foxit like my default pdf reader, I follow the steps to make it default but then it does not work. Any idea to both bugs?. Thanks


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        avertigo For snapshot, 1.please just Click Tools > Snapshot;
        2. Drag across the area that you want to copy; or right-click on the document and choose Select All to select all of the contents;
        3. (For copying selected area) You will be prompted that the selected area has been copied to the clipboard, click OK in the dialog box;
        4. Paste the selected image to other application(s) as desired. But not click "paste" option in Foxit directly.
        Hope you can understand. thanks


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          thanks, yes I understand. My goal is copy and paste a function inside a pdf document. I want to move one formula from one page to another or the same page but inside Foxit. I can do it outside other application (I check this in word and it worked) like you say but not in the same pdf document. This works fine in windows version. Thanks,


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            avertigo Thanks for reply. I have submit your requirement to DEV team for developing by ID#MACLNX-4330, any updates will inform you. thanks