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Continuous scrolling STILL NOT ENABLED

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  • Continuous scrolling STILL NOT ENABLED

    As has been constantly reported, the option to scroll through PDFs continuously, rather than jumping from page to page, is not enabled by default in Foxit Reader, and CANNOT BE ENABLED BY THE USER except through exploiting a bug in which continuous scrolling is activated after clicking and unclicking AutoScroll. The official fix (Tools->Preferences->History->uncheck "restore last view settings when reopening"; View->Page display->check "continuous") DOES NOT WORK; the only way to enable continuous scrolling is through the AutoScroll hack.

    has been
    documented for SEVEN YEARS.

    I've tested this behavior on fresh Foxit installs on Windows 10 (3 devices) and Linux Mint 19 (2 devices). It occurs with all PDFs, not just certain files.

    I love this reader's functionality, especially for annotating PDFs. But I am forced to use other software for the systems I manage, because I can't expect my users to fight with a program to enable basic functionality. Please, let me know if this bug ever gets fixed.

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    It works for me and I don't think I've ever had to try to enable continuous scroll. I believe it was like this by default. It just scrolls smoothly across pages. I don't remember having any calls from users asking about it either. We're on the latest version. I do use the MSI version, not sure if that makes a difference. I can only imagine how annoying this is for you, good luck figuring it out.


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      dcmetz ,We only could replicate the scrolling issue under 'fit visible' page scaling mode in version 9.4 of Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader. For the issue "update to 9.4 broke continuous scrolling under 'fit visible' mode" (Report ID is QCPHANTOM-14842 in our internal system) will be rectified in our next minor release version V9.5 if everything goes well.
      If the one you encountered with is different to the one that I mentioned above,please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
      1:Your OS information(eg:mine is windows 10x64bit)
      2: Did this issue happen to all PDF files or just some sepcific PDF files?
      3:Which zoom level did you select for displayed PDF file on your part when the issue happened?
      4:Please send us one PDF file sample in which the issue could be replicated there.
      5:If possible, you may use the LiceCap tool to generate an animated gif that shows how to reproduce the problem for our referencing.
      Here's the download link:
      (Unzip it, then double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)

      If it is inconvenience to upload the files here, you may email it to (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.