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  • Open PDF bookmark in same tab

    Hello everyone
    My PDF bookmark file contains multi links, some of them for externals files (such as additional volumes for the book).
    How can i force Foxit to open all bookmark in the same tab (the externals files exactly) than open it in multi tabs instead?
    This action is default in Adobe reader.
    I hope you did understood my question.
    Thanks to you

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    Would you please help to send us the pdf file in question for internal test?

    If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to with the subject "Attn: Lyndi". Thank you in advance.


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      Dear iyndi_wu
      I'm really sorry that it took me some time to send you these files. please accept my apology for the delay.
      To understand my request about opening PDF files in same tab in Foxit. You should put all files in one same folder. Then try to open (Manar_Moqbely_00.pdf) bookmark.
      This bookmark requests the other pdf 01 or 02. I would like to open theme in the same tab of Manar_Moqbely_00.pdf.
      That's all
      Bytheway, This action is default in Adobe Reader.
      Thanks to you
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        Thank you for your reply. I have reported the issue to our team for further investigation, any updates, I will keep you informed. Report ID:QCPHANTOM-15365.


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          We love Foxit, It's our best app
          Thanks to you Iyndi_wu