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How to Disable Scrolling by Mouse Middle Button

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  • How to Disable Scrolling by Mouse Middle Button


    I would like to disable page scrolling by pressing mouse middle button in Foxit Reader, as I assign this button for other function (Dictionary search by Lingoes). Lingoes is a pop-up dictionary application that captures texts in any window and does dictionary search. Most other applications (such as Firefox) have ways to disable scrolling by mouse middle button, but I could not find it in Foxit Reader. Whenever I do dictionary search in Foxit Reader window with Lingoes, the PDF page starts to scroll unintentionally. Could Foxit development team tell me how I can work around this issue?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Chiz,

    Currently there's no option to disable scrolling by Mouse Middle Button. I've forwarded this request as suggestion to our Reader PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: READER-463.


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      I need my mouse buttons under MY control.
      Middle click is usually "pan" in CAD programs, and selected to clip-board in GNU software, like Linux, BSD etc.
      Please make a check-box for that function. It is galling.


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        Hi Mouse3,

        I've added your comments to Suggestion ID#: READER-463. Thank you.


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          Has there been any change in this? I'm interested in this feature as well. I would prefer to have middle mouse be Pan as Mouse3 suggested. If middle mouse can be mappable then I feel like this would solve the issue.


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            Thanks for your update. I've forwarded your comments as well to PM team so they consider to disable the scrolling by using middle mouse button and support to enable middle mouse be Pan. Thank you.


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              Any update on this feature? Every other program I use assigns middle mouse to pan and I'm very tired of shooting 50 pages away every time I click it by mistake. Or maybe there's a way to just disable scrolling?


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                Sorry, there is no this feature, I have reminded our team to add the feature asap.


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                  No, its not possible,middle button can not be disable.


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                    Arjunroy, Yes, there is no option to disable it right now. We have report it to our PM team for evaluation, hope it can be considered.