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Highlight tool gets deselected after highlighting anything.

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  • Highlight tool gets deselected after highlighting anything.

    Edit 2: I completely uninstalled (also deleting settings files and file history, which I didn't use to do) and reinstalled Foxit, and both issues are now solved, the highlight tool remains selected, and the check for updates button is now working.

    Hello. This problem started occurring now without me changing anything from the settings (as I'm aware). Highlighting is the main thing I do while reading PDFs, and previously I could always select the highlighting tool, highlight anything, and after that the tool would still be selected and I could instantly highlight anything else I needed to. Now, after I highlight anything, the it also deselects the tool, and I have to click of "Highlight" again to be able to highlight anything else, and then it's deselected again and this goes on...

    Is there an option to keep this tool selected after using it? Maybe I changed something I'm being unaware of? I'm kind of worried because I can't use Foxit like that and this has never happened to me before. I restarted my PC and updated Foxit to the latest version (after the problem started, trying to fix it, the update did not started the issue), but the problem still persists.

    Thanks for any help!

    Edit: throwing an extra question in this post. Is the "Check for updates" button supposed to be available to everyone? Because mine has always been grayed out, and I have to download the latest Foxit installer and click on it to see if there is an update available. Is there an easier way to know if I have an update available? Thanks!
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    May I know what's the version of Foxit reader installed? is it latest version 9.4.1?
    1. To keep select highlight tool, please click "highlight" then check "keep tool selected" by Manage comments under Comment menu.
    2. Since V9.4,we have add a new option 'Always display the keyboard selection cursor' under Accessibility tab in Preferences dialog box (Go to 'File'>'Preferences' to open 'Preferences' window).
    If you have this option 'Always display the keyboard selection cursor’selected, then the 'Select Text and Image' tool will be selected selected automatically when you open a PDF file in Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader.
    If you don't have this option 'Always display the keyboard selection cursor'selected, then 'Hand' tool will always be selected as default when you open a PDF file.
    Following is the explanation why the last selected tool in Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader application can not be remembered in newly opened DPF file:
    Since V9.4,we have implemented a new feature “Support to tear a tab as a new window and manage the tabs” in Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader. For this new feature, our Dev team has adjusted the last selected tool working mechanism. The last selected tool working mechanism has been changed from "For program level" to 'For file level". In V9.4 and greater versions, the tool that you have selected in Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader is effective only in the current document, it won't be performed for other documents. So when you open a new PDF file in Foxit PhantomPDF, the default tool in the newly opened tab should be Hand tool by default if you don't have the 'Always display the keyboard selection cursor'selected.

    3. For updates, please navigate to FILE menu and click Preference > click Updater and check if you check "do not download or installer updates automatically"
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      amanda_liang thank you for your reply. Yes, it's the latest 9.4.1 version. I managed to fix both of my questions/issues by uninstalling and selecting the option to also delete Foxit settings files and file history (I always reinstalled without selecting that option), maybe something got corrupted? I don't know, but the issues were solved by doing that

      Thanks again for your support!


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        I recently upgraded the Reader to 11.1 and the same issue occurred again. Meanwhile the trial version of Phantom is ok. Any clue? Thanks.


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          Do you mean the issue"Highlight tool gets deselected after highlighting anything"? If yes, to keep select highlight tool, please click "highlight" then check "keep tool selected" by Manage comments under Comment menu.
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            That does the trick. Thanks a lot!