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Foxit 6.1.1 Slow to Print

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  • Foxit 6.1.1 Slow to Print

    Printing a simple 1 page pdf with Foxit 6.1.1 takes 2 to 5 minutes! A simple pdf, which might be 20 or 30 KB, creates a print file that is 4 to 6 MB. How can that be? Until the last year or so Foxit Reader printed pdf pages quickly and easily. Now it's simply glacial. I can print the same pages using Adobe Reader (argggghhhhh!!) in a few seconds. What can I do to restore Foxit performance? Thanks.

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    you could try going back to foxit reader 6.0.. if going back to build 6.0 doesn't resolve the problem, you could go back to the last of the 5.x versions..

    you can find downloads for the old versions at "filehippo":

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      I can''t offer any help, except to say "me too!". Until the most recent update, printing was absolutely fine. There's now an enormous pause of several minutes between the end of the print progress dialogue and something actually coming out of the printer. Other applications, e.g. OpenOffice print in a matter of seconds, so it is not a local printer problem. let's hope there's an update soon, because it's costing me a fortune in tea bags!!


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        Hi JDWorks and JeRo,

        Please go to 'File'->open Print dialog then untick 'Print as Image' to check if the printing speed improves. Thank you.


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          Thanks Cherry.
          i went from waiting 4 minutes to printing a 6 page document (170KB) to printing it in less than 10 seconds.
          Perfect fix.