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    Recommend you guys to have a look at the post I made in another thread, explaining how to backup your computer printers:

    I was recently prompted to upgrade my free Foxit Reader. I believe that it was yesterday. I am now at version Now my Foxit PDF printer is gone. Is this supposed to happen? It means that the free Foxit Reader no longer provides the ability to print to PDF, and that's the reason why I installed it. I just tried




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      Originally posted by Lisa_lee View Post
      Dornroschen ,Thanks for your post. Foxit Reader V9.7.2 is the last version with Foxit Reader PDF Printer included,Foxit Reader PDF Printer has been removed in V10 already since all of features for creating PDF files in Foxit Reader have all disabled in Foxit Reader V10.
      To have Foxit Reader PDF Printer retained on your computer,please keep on using Foxit Reader V9.7.2 ,not upgrade it to a newer version or you may also choose to use our Foxit PhantomPDF which is a more powerful PDF application with Foxit PhantomPDF Printer contained.

      Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.
      Well Lisa, not sure if you can but please thank the development team for all the years I have been able to use the Foxit printer for free.
      I am too much of an IT guy not to opt for 'free' software. So I will install the older version for now or move on to other free options. The beauty of your virtual printer has been all the options it provided and it's ease of use. My first virtual printer was Cute pdf (still on my PC after all these years) but Foxit stole my heart really fast. I will keep using Foxit reader free for the same reasons. It's definitely not just the printer that won my appreciation. Foxit reader free software does quite a couple of things Adobe uses to get people to pay for free. Cheers to that even after V10!

      Covid-19 first hit me in a bad way, after which it is showing its positive side by creating new opportunities. As with many companies, I wish there was a way to prove I've always helped to sell your products and get a special mark in my account to get some of your software for free. Showing people what I can do compared to what they can do is my way of selling these products. I do not even claim percentage. My job in the network as a consultant provides fine. It would probably cost more to add an extra line to my invoice then to leave it out. No hassle.

      It's kind of true and understandable that the wannabees lose their temper when they are behind a machine that doesn't do what they want (any more). It makes it clear they are no professionals and if they were made to believe they are, they just aren't fit for the job. One has to make an effort to understand the user as well as the software provider. If you don't, you're not a tech-person but a person with great talent for politics making the user believe you solve problems, by telling them that computers are 'so complicated'.

      Some of my wannabee colleagues still win the hearts and minds of whole boards of directors scamming mucho dineros out of companies into their pockets with those kinds of tactics. They beat competitors that would have done the job, with psychological warfare and misinformation. It helps a lot that many decision-makers have no clue either. Your team in my humble opinion is a team a far end on the right side of that line. They deserve to earn their money because they have a product they do not force onto you. And they are not asking their clients to fill up their Jackpot at all.

      I hope there will be more people here that want to applaud to that! Even if it means you'll be re-writing the filename every time you have to print a .pdf from Word's own virtual printer.

      For now I have saved the last printer-included version to a safe space and expect hackers to be unable to use it for their hacking purposes for quite a while. I consider your software to have been very safe. More trustworthy than The Great A. I bet they have been and maybe still are reading anything we open or create with their .pdf software. Another reason not to let go of Foxit Reader. As long as i can use it, I will try to sell payed versions. I like good businesses. Selling your software and vprinter by first giving it away has saved many, many trees in the past decade or so.

      I will squeeze the good and kind parts of the pre-Covid-19 era till the last drop. After which all of us true IT-guys will still be making enough money out of our ever more important micro-electronics-networks . Don't forget to tell them Dornroschen !!!


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        Thank you for your kind support and understanding.


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          Originally posted by Petux View Post
          Hi, If pdf printer is no longer available, how come it appears on the setup to be installed?? That's just absurd!! There's an option to install pdf creator with office files and another one to make it the default system printer! I guess I'll just have to go for another free pdf reading and printing software...
          Petux ,For this situation "PDF Creation related options are still provided during installation, but we have removed related features in program itself",this is a known issue exists in one of our initial released packages of Foxit Reader V10.
          Now we have already rebuilt and released a brand-new version 10 for fixing this issue,you could download the new released version on our Foxit download center below:
          Foxit PDF software download and cloud service trial center. Free download PDF software for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android to view, convert & edit PDF files.

          In other words,now you can not see any Foxit creation related options during installation wizard of Foxit Reader since the Foxit creator component has already been deleted in Foxit Reader V10.

          Last edited by Lisa_lee; 07-23-2020, 01:08 PM.