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Suggestion: Reduce waste of vertical screen space

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  • Suggestion: Reduce waste of vertical screen space

    First of all, don't get me wrong, I really, really love Foxit Reader. Since I first found it, many years ago, I've tried Adobe Acrobat once, just to see if it really was as slow as I remembered it. I never used Acrobat again after that...

    However, in a recent update, something happened that I find a bit problematic. The traditional Windows menus and button bars was replaced with the new Office style tabstrip menu button thingy.

    Why is this problematic?

    Well, first off, I have to admit that I prefer menus/button over the tabstrip thingy, as a personal preference. That, however, I can live with, it's not the main problem.

    The main problem is that it wastes vertical screen space, something that's very important when viewing PDF documents. Vertical space is a very limited, and limiting, resource. On several of my laptops, that pushed the available vertical screen space below what's needed to get easily legible text on a full page display, forcing me to scroll around on the page as I read.

    Now, I know that I could use full screen mode, but, face it, full screen is a pain in the behind to use, especially if you switch back and forth between programs.

    What I'd want is either (preferably, but I understand that it's not likely to happen) a revert to the Windows standard menus/buttons, or an "almost fullscreen" mode, where the tabstrip thingy is hidden, and replaced with a tiny panel with the most important functions only, and the Window borders/titlebar intact.

    That would give me more vertical screen space, with retained useability.

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    Amen to that! All programmers need to mind screen space usage but especially the vertical screen space.


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      Yep, this is certainly not a problem unique to Foxit, far from it.

      Especially now, with HD sized screens on most devices, we've lost a little vertical space (from the typical 1200 to 1080). On the other hand, we have almost useless horisontal space, for most applications. It's a bit sad that one single usage, movies, has dominated screen proportions so much.


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        ...and, here, someone solved the problem:


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          Hi Guys,

          Foxit Reader provides two UI modes and they're optional. You may choose per your requirements. The 'Classic Toolbar Mode' can be switched to by going under 'File'->'Change Toolbar Mode'.


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            Thanks, problem solved!

            Still, try to keep in mind that vertical screen space is a scarce resource for a PDF reader, so every pixel saved is good.