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BUG: Copy/Paste Typewriter Text Not Working

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  • BUG: Copy/Paste Typewriter Text Not Working

    I believe this is something that has popped up since the update. The copy/paste of Typewriter text (the entire text vs selecting all the characters from edit mode) results in pasting the outline of the Typewriter text area but with no text. If you double click in that area as if to edit, the text area reduces to a single character just as when initially creating Typewriter text. The original text was not carried along in the copy/paste operation. Oddly enough, sometimes it works and so far, trying several different things, I cannot figure out when it works and when it doesn't. It seems random but occurs quite often. Anyone else experience this and/or know the solution?


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    Well I found a strange work around. If I double click the text first and go into edit mode, then click outside or escape out from edit mode, then select it again and copy paste, the text is then included in the pasted element. Quite a kluge! Hope this gets fixed.


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      Hi Garwayne,

      Could you please provide the following info?
      1) Version info of your Foxit Reader;
      2) Please record a small video so we could know the issue intuitively;
      3) Did it occur to any PDF document or just a certain one?
      4) Your OS info. (E.g. Win7, 32-bit or 64-bit).

      You may also choose to send the info to [email protected]. Thank you.