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    Hi, I just made a foxit pdf doc with some photos successfully, but can't for the life of me figure out how to go back to some of the text and edit a mistake. I keep getting a pointer that just moves the block of text around, instead of getting inside it.
    What's the trick?

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    silt.sunrise ,Foxit Reader doesn't have the capability of editing texts in PDF file. We suggest you download our Foxit PhantomPDF in which you could use its "Edit Text" tool under the "Edit" tab to edit texts. You could download Foxit PhantomPDF from our official download center below:
    It will give you 14 free trial days. If the texts you need to edit are image-based,you may refer to the article below to know how edit image-based texts in PDF file:


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      Not sure, but if this was text you inserted using typewriter, comments, etc., try changing the pointer to the hand to select and 'select' the text?
      Text that was already there, like the other commenter noted, can't be edited.


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        VWFeature ,For those texts you have added using the comments tools(E.g typewriter,textbox tools under the 'Comments' tab in Foxit Reader),they belongs to annoations (comments) in PDF file.You should be able to edit annotations in PDF file with Foxit Reader directly by using the "Hand" or "Select/Selct Annotation" tool.
        For texts which were already there in original PDF file,you need to check whether those texts are annotations are not. Please open the annotation panel in Foxit Reader to further determine if those texts are annoations or not since only annotaitons could be displayed in annotation panel. Please refer to attached screenshot:annotation panel.jpg to know which one is the annotation panel I mentioned. If they are annotations,you should also be able to edit them within Foxit Reader directly with "Hand" or "Select/Selct Annotation" tool.If they are not annotations,they can not be edited with Foxit Reader and need to be edited with PDF editor application(For example our Foxit PhantomPDF).

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