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Printing Problem Foxit Reader

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  • Printing Problem Foxit Reader

    I cannot print ANYTHING from Foxit Reader (Windows 10 - 64 bit)

    The document arrives "corrupted" at my printer does not print

    The Print Dialog box comes ok (and I can make changes to pages, sizes, scaling etc) but after pressing "OK" the next window (the progress window) comes up and disappears incredibly fast (almost like nothing happened)

    I have uninstalled Foxit Reader and reinstalled Foxit Reader (mind you the downloaded version was 9.3 and need to upgrade in Foxit Reader to 9.6)

    I can print from any other Windows applications including Acrobat Reader DC (so I doubt this is a PDF file problem)

    Prefer Foxit Reader as better interface (I find the Adobe DC interface uses too much screen space for stuff that could be used for showing documents) and less nagware.

    Now how I do fix this printing problem.

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    whissper Sorry for the trouble when using Foxit. Can you please provide detailed information for reference?
    1. Did the issue occurred to any PDF files or particularly? if particulalrly, can you please send it to us for internal testing? You can send file to us by email: [email protected]
    2. What's printer did you selected and issue happened? can you please show me the detailed info of it?
    3. Could you please try to check "print as image" in print dialog box and check result?
    4. Could you please click on the "Advanced" button in print dialog box to open "Advanced" box and check option "Use PCL Drive for PCL Printers". then please choose to add your printer under the PCL drivers there,click on "OK" in the advanced dialog box to save the setting, and try to print PDF file to see what will happen?


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      1. It is any PDF file
      2. Details attached see file
      3. Done and PDFs do print when print as image selected
      4. Details attached (changing from PCL 5 to PCL 6 now allows printing without the need to select Print as Image)

      Attached Files


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        whissper ,Thanks for your response.This issue "the print progress window comes up and disappears incredibly fast (almost like nothing happened)" has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-20009.We will keep you informed for any updates about this issue or you may also write back to [email protected] to track its processing status.


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          Thanks for your response it is more helpful to me. once again thanks.
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