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document changes when opening in foxit reader

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  • document changes when opening in foxit reader

    There is this government document seems to to change content when I view it in foxit reader compared to when I view it through firefox.

    At first I thought I was downloading the wrong form but after triple checking I noticed that the document is literally changing as soon as I save it and open it in foxit reader.

    If you don't trust the first link directly go here and then search the page for Form DISS STK , it's item 21

    The reason I'm trying to save offline is because I want to fill out the fields using foxit reader, and print it, rather than print and hand write them.

    Any idea as to what's goin on here?

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    The files shows the same both with Chrome and Foxit, attached is the screenshot of how it shows within Chrome browser for your info.
    And I also open it with Adobe Reader, it shows the same as well.
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      Apparently I'm an idiot. Both forms are present on the doc, I guess I wasn't scrolling down far enough. Thanks for comparing for me.