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Custom Keyboard Shortcut not saving

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  • Custom Keyboard Shortcut not saving

    I'm adding a custom keyboard shortcut by right clicking the toolbar, clicking 'Customize Toolbars', then navigating to the desired command in the KeyBoard tab and assigning the keystrokes to my desired command. After pressing the 'Assign' button, the shortcut works for the rest of the time I'm working in the open PDF, but when I close Foxit and re-open, my custom shortcut is no longer assigned. Does anyone know how to get the custom shortcut to persist? I didn't see anything that I recognized as a config file for these in the application folder or registry. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi mhokanson,

    Could you please kindly which command and what shortcut you've assigned so we could test and better advise? Thank you.

    BTW, what is the version info of your current Foxit Reader?


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      Please can anyone tell me how to skip the Speech reader to the next line or previous line?secondly, is there a way to enable color Highlight for the current word/sentence been read? and lastly how can i make the page move as the speaker is reading (the auto-scroll feature is too fast)?