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Install foxit reader on nixos

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  • Install foxit reader on nixos

    According to

    There exists graphical installer for foxit reader

    But it won't work for nixos, nix builder can't click buttons during package build

    Is there installer script instead which I could download?

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    srghma I am sorry that we didn't provide any installer script for Foxit Reader for Linux yet. And our Foxit Reader for Linux still doesn't support the run on the nixos you mentioned,its system requirements are:
    Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 ~ 16.10
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.x (64-bit) ~ 7.x
    SUSE 12 Linux Enterprise Server
    OpenSUSE 13.2
    OpenSUSE Leap 42.x
    According to your query,I have submitted the suggestion"Provide installer script for Foxit Reader for Linux to run on nixos system" as a new feature to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#MACLNX-5062 ,so that it may be considered in future versions.


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      ok, tnx for making it out to the developer team, extracting installer script from graphical installer should be easy to do.


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        I managed to install it on nixos


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          Originally posted by srghma View Post
          srghma ,Thanks for your response. I have forwarded the introduction page of this nixos OS to our product management team already for their reference.