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FoxitReader for Linux remains as ghost process

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  • FoxitReader for Linux remains as ghost process

    Hello. I tried using FoxitReader for Linux because my school uses that. The Reader works OK by itself. My problem is that when I close the program (file, close) the process somehow hangs in the background.
    If I don't kill it by hand, FoxitReader will then block my logout.

    Debian Buster with Trinity Desktop here.


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    Could you please help provide the following info so we could better advise?
    1) Version number of your Debian;
    2) Did it occur to any PDF document or just specific one?
    3) A screenshot/small video that shows the problem.

    Thank you.


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      Thanks you for your help,

      1) As I said Debian is version 10 "buster" with the stock kernel 4.19.0-5-amd64
      2) It does not always happen (but often) and I could not link it with any specific PDF. I tried setting "close all tabs on exit" but it does not seem to cure the problem
      3) I add a screen shot of the process list showing two time FoxitReader. Alt-TAB does not let me access FoxitReader. If I start the program again it usually shows as a third occurence of FoxitReader. Some time nothing happens, sometime the Reader opens.

      I've tried starting the program from the command line to look at the messages. It produces quite a lot and I don't want to fill the forum with it. I managed to get the "moment of the crash", when the process hanged this is what I had in my text window:

      ~CReader_DocumentEx() begin: "/data/GYB/Cours/PDF_2018-2019/Cours_M3_2018-2019.pdf"
      ~CReader_DocumentEx() end
      CReader_AppEx::CloseDocument end
      CReader_AppEx::CloseDocument begin: "13:56:14"
      CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument 1
      opr: "docClose"
      CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument deleteTab begin
      ~CPDF_TVPreview() begin
      ~CPDF_TVPreview() end
      ActivateTab--index= 0 m_nlastIndex= 1
      delete enable = false
      dd enable = false
      CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument deleteTab end
      delete enable = false
      dd enable = false
      ConnectedPDF Plugin: FRDocDidClose Begin

      ConnectedPDF Plugin: FRDocDidClose End

      ~CReader_DocumentEx() begin: "/data/GYB/Cours/PDF_2018-2019/Cours_CG2_2018-2019.pdf"
      ~CReader_DocumentEx() end
      CReader_AppEx::CloseDocument end
      ~CReader_AppEx() begin

      I can get more if this is useful.


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        Thank you for your reply. I have forwarded your issue to our team for further investigation, ID:MACLNX-5064.
        And I will suggest you to install Foxit Reader for Linux on the below systems that our program supports.

        Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 ~ 16.10
        Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.x (64-bit) ~ 7.x
        SUSE 12 Linux Enterprise Server
        OpenSUSE 13.2
        OpenSUSE Leap 42.x