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  • Print as Image issue

    Having an issue with the print as image function. It keeps getting rechecked. Usually i would just chalk it up to user error but i have multiple people complaining about the same thing how the settings are reverting back after printing back to back documents.

    Anyone know of a way to fix the settings so that they save?

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    Hi Istevens,

    The change may not write to the registry. Please try to set the value of this registry 0 and see if it helps: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 6.0\printer\PrintAsImage


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      Hello, i have same problem. "Print as image" is self enabled. I checked in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 6.0\printer\PrintAsImage - 0. But, when i printing random qnty documents this function auto enabled again. It problem started from Fox it reader V6(with ribbon menu). I tried Windows XP, now windows 7. My friend has same problem.
      Fox it version:


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        Hello. I noticed, problem is appearing when i print documents with commentaries, which was made in Fox it.


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          Hi Nutik,

          Did you run the program as an administrator? Normally Foxit Reader will remember the last print setting as new default. If you tick "Print as image", next time you launch Foxit Reader, Reader will have "Print as Image" unticked.


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            Hello. No, i'm working as user.

            For example: i open 5 PDF docs in FoxIt program(5 tabs).
            Select 1 tab. Print - all ok
            Select 2 tab. Print - all ok
            Select 3 tab. Print - "Print as image" activated! It hapens when i have the document with commentaries, which i made in Foxit program.


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              Oh, today i found how it works:
              When i choose File/Print, "print as image" is not self - activated.

              But, i placed to Quick Access Toolbar icon "Print". When i'm clicking to this icon, "print as image" function is auto activating! It is working with ctrl + p too.
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                Hi Nutik,

                Thanks for the info. I could also replicate the issue on my side and have reported it to our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 55744. You may write to us with this ID# to track the processing status. (Email: [email protected])


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                  Is there a way to disable the 'print as image' from the print dialog screen?
                  This problem has been causing documents to spool up to 20GB and has been crashing print spoolers.


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                    Hi R007833R,

                    The disable of "Print as image" from the print dialog screen via "File"->"Print" can be remembered. You can go ahead by going under "File"->"Print"->untick "Print as Image", then your setting will be remembered until you make the change.


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                      FYI. The mentioned "Print as Image getting rechecked by clicking Print on Quick Access Toolbar" has been fixed internally. The release of Foxit Reader 7.0 will no longer have this problem. Thank you.
                      Last edited by cherry; 05-04-2014, 06:22 AM.