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The system has insufficient memory to start Foxit reader.

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  • The system has insufficient memory to start Foxit reader.

    Hi. Sometimes I got this error wile I`m trying to open PDF file: "The system has insufficient memory to start Foxit reader. Make sure you have enough memory to start Foxit Reader."
    Windows server 2016

    I have enough memory. After getting error I open another file without any errors, then open the first file also without errors.
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    kok80 Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue will be fixed in next version of Foxit reader, which will be released in shortly after.
    If you need, we can send the download link of beta version of Foxit reader to you for testing. Please send email to [email protected] and ask for beta version.


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      Hi, recently I encountered this error on my foxit READER. It says " The code execution cannot proceed because DPAPI. DLL cannot be found. Try installing a fresh copy" I've tried reinstalling a fresh copy a couple of time but the problem still exist it won't load the application. what should I do about this?


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        melvin Sorry for the problem you encountered with Foxit reader. Could you please kindly perform a fresh re-installation as following and try again
        1) Please make sure you've closed all Foxit reader related programs (IE, Firefox...) then go to "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Foxit reader;
        Go to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit -> find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\ Foxit reader 9.0" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\ Foxit reader 9.0" to delete the whole folder of Foxit reader 9.0;
        2) Install the latest version 10.0 of Foxit reader. Please download the installer from the link below:
        Finally, please give the new installation a try and let us know the result. Thanks


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          Thank you for the reply...


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            Did the solution about performing a fresh re-installation of Foxit Reader 10.0 help solve the problem?