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  • Save location for tif -> pdf conversion


    First of all, I hope this post will be understandable, because I'm french.

    I use FoxitReader to convert TIF files to PDF files. When I save (or save as) the PDF file created from the TIF, I'd like it to be save in the folder where the TIF is, but it doesn't work.

    I'll try to explain :
    - If I double click "1.tif" wich is in folder A, it opens in Foxit Reader. I click "save", it shows me the last folder I used to save a PDF in, so I have to mannualy select folder A in order to save "1.pdf" PDF in folder A.
    - If I want to convert "2.tif" which is in folder B, when I want to save it it shows me folder A, and I have to mannualy select folder B.

    It's pretty annoying because each of my TIF is located in a different folder.

    Can you tell me how can I fix it, if it's possible ? Thanks a lot.

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    Like most software does, the default save as location for opening the Tif file in Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF is the last folder we used to save a PDF in. If you'd like to convert Tif files to PDF files, you may try to go to Convert->From Files->From Multiple Files then choose the Tif files you'd like to convert and tick "Keep original file names and locations" so the files could be converted at once and the newly created PDF documents would locate in the same folder where the tif file located.


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      cherry : thank you for your answer. It looks like exactly what I want to do, but I can't find where is the sequence "Convert->From Files->From Multiple Files".
      All I can find is "File -> Create -> From File" but I don't see a "from multiple files" option. Can you tell me where this Convert Menu is located ?

      Here are my menus (in English, I hope it will be easier for you to understand what I mean) :

      Click image for larger version

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        Anne51 ,According to the screenshot you sent,we noticed that you are using Foxit Reader .Foxit Reader doesn't have the feature that cherry mentioned.
        The 'create PDF files from multiple files' is a feature of Foxit PhantomPDF. If you want to give it a try,please download it from Foxit official download center below:
        It will give you 14 free trial days.


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          Yes, as I said in my first post I use Foxit Reader. So there is no way to save a .tif in the folder where the tif is in Foxit Reader ? I can't use Foxit PhantomPDF because it's my working computer and I can't install a new software on it.


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            Currently there's no way to save a .tif in the folder where the tif is in Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader will use the system's last folder we used to save a PDF in. Here's the possible workaround, we could designate a default folder for the "Save as" action: Go to File > Documents > Preferred Save As Location > then Browse and choose a default folder to the files in.
            If you used Foxit PDF Reader to print the .tif file to PDF, you may go to File-> Print ->choose Foxit PDF Reader Printer then open "Properties"->General, then set the "Target Folder" and check "Save As Default"->OK to apply the setting. Then next time when you print a document to PDF, it will save to the default folder that you set.

            Thank you.


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              Thanks for the tip cherry . I'll try it and hope to use FoxiPhantom in the future.