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strange printer issues with Foxit in Citrix

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  • strange printer issues with Foxit in Citrix

    I have Foxit Reader on a few machines running Citrix VDI (latest version). When I access the virtual desktop, I can print on every printer that is connected with this PC - I just can not do it in foxit reader. Every single time it will either show an empty list of printers or just pop up an error saying I have no printer drivers. If that's the case, why is nothing else affected? All other software, Microsoft Office 365, every browser, the windows built-in control center, everything works with the printers. Foxit is the only application I have ever witnessed that will just not list printers or flat out not even open the printing dialogue because of "missing printer drivers".

    I open that same PDF in chrome and I am instantly able to print it. Same with Adobe Reader and Edge Browser, all these programs list my printers and let me print. Foxit continues to claim there is no printer, not even drivers. I reset the Citrix Profile, I reinstalled the local Citrix Workspace but I don't think it's a Citrix issue because as I said I'm only having these problems in foxit. Anyone else having these issues?

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    testaccount ,We have fixed such issue you mentioned in V9.1 of Foxit Reader.So please help to install our latest version 9.7.1 of Foxit Reader on your part to see if it helps? Following is link for downloading it:

    If there is still any problem,please contact us again.